About five years ago I started collecting my bookmarks on Delicious.  One thing that made the service great to use was the delicious bookmarks extension for firefox.  Not only did it make adding new bookmarks easy, it also provided a nice integration into the browser.

Recently I discovered that synchronizing bookmarks did not work anymore.  I found out that delicious had changed the site and logins from the firefox extension would take you to a site called previous.delicious.  Logging on there did not log you on to the current site (which according to their terminology is only a different design).

My request for support was answered after few days but the answer was not very helpful.  Among some suggestions how to fix the problem(that did not work) I was told “that the browser extensions are unfortunately no longer officially being supported”.  Their recommendation is to switch to the new Bookmarklet, which let’s you add bookmarks to delicious, but offers no further features.

Guess it’s time to say goodbye to delicious!