TBS - The BootStrap is the name I gave this hugo theme. The theme is based on bootstrap using the bootstrap-theme.css theme. The theme is now published on gitlab.

This page is also the showcase for the theme I started to develop. I decided to create my own theme mainly because all the themes I tested lack something I want/need; plus it’s fun and double plus I learn a lot :)

The theme currently features three different content types: post (for blog like articles), page (for more static content) and project. It offers something like a tag cloud.

From my experience with other themes I got the idea to use icons from font awesome, which I mention here because I truly like the project.


A website needs to offer a search method for it’s visitors. I’m not a fan of delegating each search to online services, even though there are nice search engines like duckduckgo. Luckily I ran into tipuesearch when I started working with [pelican] and so it seemed natural to me to include it here.

My former page (built by [pelican]) also used [tipusearch] and so it was not really hard to plug it into the new layout. The only thing that is not done from within the hugo system is generating the javascript file with the word/page index. I’m doing that with a simple python script for the moment. In the future it would be nice to have hugo do that at runtime.

As of late April 2020 searching works again, also for bilingual pages!


As of version 0.4 - ┼áipan this theme is bilingual, using hugo’s multilingual features.