thesix 2015

I am Thesix aka Jogi Hofmüller. You reached my personal website which contains most things you might be looking for. The site is hosted on mur.at's infrastructure which is kind of nice since I work for this association.

My former blog has been imported here and all posts have been divided into one of the two categories Life or Universe. The third category lists most of the Projects I was involved in over the past years. Here is a short article on my experience while creating this website.

During my involvement in the MURSAT project I became a radio amateur listening to the call sign OE6THF. mursat is an arts project somehow following Theo Jansen's quote "The walls between art and engineering exist only in our minds.". He is the one who built these marvelous strandbeests.

Since October 2008 I am also officially a student again, studying Computer Science at Graz University of Technology.

Although I do not consider myself to be the greatest expert in the computer and/or science field I do manage to solve problems quite well. Once I focus on something I will not give up very easily until I find a solution that seems appropriate. Which leads to another feature, my perfectionism. Take these two things into consideration and you will see why the list of projects I started but never finished is a lot longer than the list of (somehow) finished things.

Ever since I was a kid I loved cartoons. One of my current favorites used to be UserFriendly, probably because it was so realistic. Another cool cartoon that I frequently enjoy is XKCD, and of course XKCD's what if section.