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This version has some improvements (i think). The site is built using hugo, a rather new static website generator. Currently this page will have errors (broken links and stuff) but I wanted to publish. You can get the theme for this page from github now!

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TLS und X.509

Begleitend zum Vortrag bei der Cryptoparty Graz im Spektral am 8. Mai 2017 stelle ich hier eine Sammlung an Links zu TLS und X.509-Zertifikaten zur Verfügung. TLS - Wikipediaseite zu TLS X.509 - Wikipediaseite zu X.509 SSL Labs - Seit zum Testen von SSL-Servern letsencrypt - Serverzertifikate automatisch und ohne Kosten CAcert - Kostenfreie Zertifikate WPIA - World Privacy and Identity Association - CAcert-Nachfolgeprojekt

2017-05-08 by Thesix


Around the beginnng of May 2016 my colleague Almut suggested to use hugo as website generator for the new mur.at page. Until then we were experimenting with pelican which I also had been using for this page before. At first I was quite sceptical because pelican seemed to do everything I/we needed just fine. But after some tests I truly fell in love with hugo and have created three (3) different sites within two weeks now.

2016-05-21 by Thesix


Schon seit einigen Jahren hat sich abgezeichnet dass das Haus in dem ich wohne eine Fassadenrenovierung braucht. Vergangenen September hat dann ein Gutachter “Gefahr im Verzug” diagnostiziert und wenige Wochen später hatten wir ein sogenanntes Plateaugerüst rund um das Haus, damit Passant_innen nicht durch eventuell herabfallende Fassadenstücke verletzt werden können. Der schwierige Teil war dann die Ausschreibung des Bauvorhabens inklusive der Einholung von Angeboten durch Baufirmen. Hier hat sich unsere Hausverwaltung nicht gerade mit Ruhm bekleckert und der Verdacht auf Preisabsprachen wurde laut.

2015-05-24 by Thesix

Recent Projects

TBS - The BootStrap

TBS - The BootStrap is the name I gave this hugo theme. The theme is based on bootstrap using the bootstrap-theme.css theme. The theme is now published on github. This page is also the showcase for the theme I started to develop. I decided to create my own theme mainly because all the themes I tested lack something I want/need; plus it’s fun and double plus I learn a lot :)

2016-05-27 by Thesix

Appropriation 1

Daily E. Ford enters the square on Monday August 12th 2013, few minutes past 1:30 pm. He chooses to set up the borrowed camp bed in the center of main square, facing city hall and thus the mayor’s office. He spreads his red towel on the camp bed and takes off his cloths. Wearing only his bathing suit he takes his place on the camp bed. The sun is covered by some clouds but it is warm enough to feel comfortable.

2013-08-12 by Thesix

Daily E. Ford

Inspired by a friend’s friend, who’s name is Alex B. Connner (you notice the ABC, don’t you?) I hereby announce to call myself Daily E. Ford; every now and then. August 12th shall furthermore be known as Daily’s birthday from now on.

2013-08-12 by Thesix